Play Neutral……!

Hey friends, I’m up with second blog, hope you’ll will enjoy reading. I hope everyone is having playful winter and I guess everyone is curiously waiting for Christmas bells to ring. Oops….! but you must not forget about your winter essentials and having beautiful wardrobe.  SNOWFLAKE, COLD, COZY NIGHTS, COMFY HOODS, WARM BLANKETS & HOT CHOCOLATE IS LIFE. And so Neutral color play powerful wardrobe color statement. Every woman rocks in winter with neutral colors but we all know no one can rock better than Kim Kardashian. OOH YEAH ! Kim Kardashian who has edgy style and basic wardrobe of neutrals, she keep slaying.

Neutral color never go out of style, Neutral are very basics to any wardrobe. Neutral gives classic & elegant look. Neutral is playing strong over other colors. I’m personally obsessed with neutral. Kim Kardashian rocks neutral tones but we have another QUEEN of Neutral SASHA SIMON (  lolariostyle ) follow her on instagram, she is slaying with edgy looks and style, get inspired and design your beautiful wardrobe this winter.

Go with the flowy pants, oversize coats, sweatshirt, trench coats, leggings, nude heels and boots, large cozy fringe scarf, faux fur is a always a great way to add a sleek accent to your snow ensemble. Complete your all neutral look with neutral accessories ( nude totes and bags & tan and blush watches) and a soft nail color ( nude blush color ) for a understated, classic look.

COLOR CHART to get help for powerful wardrobe.


GO ONLINE SHOPPING………………….!                                                                                                 For best looks go online shopping on friendly budget sites under $60. (CHECK OUT  Nude Suede lace-up heels)                                        ( CHECK OUT for tops and blouse )  (CHECK OUT dresses)                  (CHECK OUT EVERYTHING)




6 thoughts on “Play Neutral……!

  1. I am impressed by your blog .. neutral is something classy n royal .. I was totally unaware of this neutral style .. like it is something specific .. as you said .. wow ..keep posting babe .. Thank you 😘😘😘


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